Family vs Ministry Conflict

Family vs Ministry Conflict

Whether you have a partner, children at home, parents to care for, or find family in non-biological connections, our intimate relationships are a vital part of our lives. Holidays/Holy Days are often a time of gathering together as family; for many people in ministry, these are also some of the fullest work days of the year.

Ministry life inevitably comes with challenges, and one of those is navigating conflicting expectations or needs between family and work. For more than ΒΌ of our participants, this is experienced as a Core Stressor.

As the Advent season begins, looking ahead to where family and ministry needs may conflict can help you and your family make a plan for navigating these together, rather than being caught off guard when they occur.


Prompts for Reflection:

  • As you consider your own family context, do you feel conflict between your family life/needs and your ministry role? Is this an ongoing tension or a situational one?
  • Often family/ministry conflicts are more likely to occur around significant holidays or specific times of the year (eg September!). How might you and your family anticipate and create a plan for these times?
  • If Family vs Ministry Conflict is not currently a source of strong stress for you, what contributes to your success in this area? How can you celebrate and protect this alignment?