Drawing on data from over 280 participants to date, Vocation & Calling is our most frequent Core Satisfier. Ninety-five percent of all participants in the Wellness Project have reported that their experience of Vocation & Calling is more than moderately positive and more than moderately frequent in their ministry lives.

In our research, Vocation & Calling includes a sense of knowing you are in the right place, where God has called you to be; believing that God is leading you even when you aren’t sure where you are headed; and being able to integrate your vocation with the rest of your life.

Vocation & Calling recognizes that ministry is not simply a job, but that there is a sense of divine engagement and direction in choosing to pursue ministry work, and from what our participants have reported, experiencing certainty in God’s presence and leading is an important source of satisfaction and encouragement to individuals working in ministry.


Prompts for reflection:

  • Reflect on significant moments of clarity and discernment. What have been the markers for you that you are where God wants you to be? Has how you sense God’s leading changed over the years? In what ways? Take a moment to thank God for being present and guiding you throughout your ministry life.
  • If/when you begin to feel that your sense of vocation and calling is facing challenges, can you identify whether it is an inner struggle or external circumstances that are contributing?
  • In Christian culture, we often speak of people being “called to” a particular ministry role, but we rarely speak of God “calling us away” from a position. Is it possible that a shift in our sense of vocation and calling could be a period of God “calling us away” rather than a loss of calling?


Resources for further reflection:

Courage & Calling by Gordon T Smith

Calling: A Song for the Baptized by Caroline A Westerhoff

The Preaching Life by Barbara Brown Taylor