In our research, Management Skills includes administrative tasks, solving administrative problems, and using organizational skills effectively. While Management Skills is reported by the majority of our participants as a core satisfier, 23% of participants reported that Management Skills is not affecting their Satisfaction in any direction, and for 10% of our participants, Management Skills shows up as an “Irritant,” meaning that it is frequently required of them, but not particularly enjoyable.

People in ministry may not see themselves as “managers,” but as with many jobs, there is a certain amount of organizational management inherent to the work of ministry. What might change in your ministry experience if utilizing your Management Skills was understood to be a valuable and vital part of serving God?

Prompts for Reflection:

  • What is your current experience of administrative management in your ministry life?
  • What might it look like to reimagine your relationship with the administrative aspects of your work?
  • If it is not particularly positive, but frequent:
    • Is there room to adjust how frequently it is required of you? For example, would it be possible to delegate some of the tasks to an administrative assistant or volunteer?
    • Would it help to participate in a workshop or take a course that might increase your enjoyment of the administrative aspects of your ministry?