When we look at all 15 potential Satisfiers, the aspect of ministry life that is least likely to show up as a Satisfier is Fostering Faith Development. This includes having opportunities to share your faith, seeing people come to faith, and seeing someone grow a passion or their spiritual gifts.

Interestingly, when Fostering Faith Development is not a Satisfier, it is almost always the case that it is quite positive, but not frequent enough in an individual’s life to tangibly contribute to overall satisfaction.

Most people in ministry find Fostering Faith Development a very satisfying and life-giving aspect of ministry – this is not surprising as it is often the desire to specifically foster faith development that has brought an individual into a ministry role!  But 30% of our participants are telling us they aren’t able to engage in it frequently enough to experience its benefits in an ongoing manner.


Prompts for Reflection:

  • If you are frequently able to engage in Fostering Faith Development, what is it about your ministry context or personal choices that makes that possible for you? Is it something you have had to intentionally work at?
  • If you find Fostering Faith Development to be too infrequent in your current ministry life, what is one step might you take to increase its frequency?