Welcome to the Wellness Project blog! Here we will be sharing food for thought from our findings, links to relevant resources, and updates on any publications that come out of our research. Our desire is to provide information, connection, and reflective prompts that will enable people in ministry to continue fostering their well-being.

We will be starting off with a series highlighting some of the Core Satisfier and Stressors that we have identified. Each post below will give context to what the Core Satisfier/Stressor involves, some observations from our data, and some questions and/or resources for your own reflection.

Publications & Resources

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Management Skills

In our research, Management Skills includes administrative tasks, solving administrative problems, and using organizational skills effectively. While Management Skills is reported by the majority of our participants as a core satisfier, 23% of...

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Vocation & Calling

Drawing on data from over 280 participants to date, Vocation & Calling is our most frequent Core Satisfier. Ninety-five percent of all participants in the Wellness Project have reported that their experience of Vocation & Calling is more than...

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