The Wellness Project @ Wycliffe is a long-term research project that has been in process for nearly a decade, and has its origins in efforts to help prevent clergy burnout. This project was born out of a desire to understand both the life-giving and life-eroding elements of Christian ministry life, and to discover how best to support Christian leaders throughout their careers.

Because the research project is ongoing, its form and content will change based on our analysis of the data provided by participants. In its current form, participation in the project involves approximately 60 minutes of time to complete a set of 6 online questionnaires. This project, with the information provided to us by participants, is the basis for the recommendations, tools, and resources we offer to people in ministry.

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Fostering Faith Development

When we look at all 15 potential Satisfiers, the aspect of ministry life that is least likely to show up as a Satisfier is Fostering Faith Development. This includes having opportunities to share your faith, seeing people come to faith, and...

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Work Relationships & Respect

Almost 95% of participants name Work Relationships and Respect as a current Satisfier in their ministry life; on the flip side, just over a quarter of participants identify Work Relationship Challenges as a Stressor. This suggests that the teams...

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